Weekend Update | Vol. 15

LIFE... Hey, remember that weekend in mid-April when it SNOWED?? The kids were literally singing Jingle Bells all weekend. Yeah, no thanks.

ALLIE... Managed to work out more days than not last week, and despite having to pause my videos 18 times to get Jonah a book/milk/orange/yogurt, I think I'm starting to feel stronger. Or at least slightly less squishy.

JARED... His big yard work weekend had to be postponed by the previously mentioned snow, but the Phillies finally managed to win a game so maybe this season won't be a complete disaster. Maybe.

EMMA... Started swim lessons again and did awesome. Sunday brought another birthday party - a performance at the Imagination Stage in Bethesda. I couldn't see her face during the show (which was fantastic, btw) but I could hear her laugh, which was almost better. No sound on the planet more wonderful than my kids' laughter.

JONAH... Got to go to the trampoline park with Jared while Emma and I were at the birthday party and they both loooved it. His favorite thing was Jared tossing him in the big pit. Jared said he got a glimpse of when things will be easier with Jo, and I was like "tell me everything." :)



Allie: You're a maniac!
Jonah: I'm not a baby mac!
Jonah (singing): Raspberries on my toast, raspberries on my toast, hi ho d'dario, raspberries on my toast.

Performer at birthday party: What does everyone want to be when they grow up?
Little girl: A princess!
Little girl: A princess!
Little girl: A veterinarian!
Little girl: A princess!
Little boy: A prince!
Emma: I want to be a QUEEN!