Weekend Update | Vol. 16

LIFE... Gorgeous weather and a weekend filled with music? Yes, please! The new Sturgill album arrived on Friday and we've been listening to it obsessively ever since. And Saturday we went to a bluegrass festival at a local brewery where the kids had a blast dancing and stealing all our fries.

ALLIE... Traveled for work this week and immediately remembered how much I don't like traveling for work now that I have kids. But being able to expense Swedish Fish from Hudson News is always a nice little consolation.

JARED... Took advantage of the nice weather to finally work on the yard. His allergies hate him for it, but the yard is looking much better.

EMMA... Few things make me happier than seeing how much our kids love music. As soon as we got to the festival Emma ran right up front to dance, and that's pretty much what she did the entire time we were there. She got as close to the stage as possible, and kept saying "this music is WONDERFUL!" 

JONAH... Not quite understanding our new marble reward system designed solely to encourage him to stay in his big boy bed, nor the glowing alarm clock that is supposed to get him to sleep until a leisurely 6:30am. But he gets super excited to see it turn green after already being awake for an hour. Someday we'll sleep. Someday.



Allie: No sucking anybody's toes!
Jared: I'll take "Things I Never Thought I Would Say as a Parent" for $500 please, Alex.
Allie: I need a good nose blow, a teeth brushing, and 6 hours of sleep.

Emma: Daddy, you can't ever go to Egypt. They have a ton of cats there.