Weekend Update | Vol. 17

LIFE... Another happily low-key weekend around these parts. We managed to survive a trip to Costco with both kids on Saturday morning, which was nothing short of monumental. And when we went out for sushi that night the most wonderful thing happened - the kids sat together on one side of the table, and Jared and I sat on the other. Next to each other. No kids crawling on us while we ate. It was amazing. 

ALLIE... Every time we go to the library, I occurs to me I should ask on here if anyone else uses Goodreads for kids books - so this is me asking. :) If you do, send me a message so we can connect!

JARED... Made him watch a British rom com (Man Up) and about halfway through he revealed to me he was only understanding half of what the actors were saying. He still laughed out loud, so I'll call it a win. 

EMMA... Finally decided what kind of party she wants for her birthday - a princess tea party. We're going to have it at the house, which I'm sure I will immediately regret, but anything to see our girl smile! 

JONAH... Well, his weekend was going well - until he lost his balance and slid face first down the back door stairs. Poor guy's nose was so banged up we worried it was broken, but once the swelling went down it was thankfully all just superficial. In true Jonah fashion, he was running around and smiling 20 minutes later.



Emma: What the hiccups, man?

Jonah: I got a boo boo.
Emma: Well don't pick at it.
Jared: Hello, pot.

Jared: If I can't yell at them, at least let me express my anger through sarcasm.