Weekend Update | Vol. 21

LIFE... It's pretty fitting that it's rained nearly every day in May because this month has been a doozy. At this point, if a piano fell on our house I'd be like, "Yeah. That seems about right." One more week, guys. We can do this. Clear eyes, full hearts...

ALLIE... Rosé + Salt & Straw + the Buddhify app = Allie's May survival kit

JARED... Got to watch an action movie for the first time in ages when I agreed to watch Deadpool, which almost made up for me dragging him to Tysons mall with me on a rainy Saturday.

EMMA... New library books on Friday, followed by quality time and yummy food at her Nana's on Saturday made our Emma a very happy girl.

JONAH... Got the worst haircut of his little life on Saturday. It was so bad that 45 minutes in I decided we needed to cut our losses and leave before the guy cut off so much that it couldn't be fixed. Thankfully, the awesome ladies at the place we usually take him to were able to get him fixed up in no time. And Jonah was pretty stoked to get not one but TWO lollipops in the span of an hour. 



Emma: Jonah, pretend to be Francois.
Jonah: ROAR!

Jared's thoughts on Paw Patrol: What's wrong with you as an adult if you're constantly asking a 10 year old boy and his dogs for help. It's at the point where I'm rooting for Mayor Humdinger to ruin the day. And what's this kid's backstory? Why does he live with his grandfather? Looks like the pups couldn't save everybody.

Emma: But wait! Pink Rosa (her stuffed dolphin) hasn't had her breakfast yet!!
Jared: Well hurry up. Your pancakes are going to get cold.
Emma: Ugghhh! I feel like you don't even care about Pink Rosa!
Jared: ...