Weekend Update | Vol. 22

LIFE... Well, we did it. We survived May. Our "holiday" weekend brought a cancelled trip to the cabin (thanks, rain), about 357 trips to Home Depot, some much needed time with family, and a 1 hour trip to Ikea that took 3 hours. Oh, and a stomach bug. Because, May. I'm not sure I've been this happy to see June since I was super pregnant with Emma.

ALLIE... In the past week I've installed two ceiling fans, built a frame from scratch, started building our outdoor table, and repaired our car (saving us a whopping $1100). Like, I scooched under the car and fixed something called a heat shield that prior to that I had no idea even existed. My plan for this week is to relax. A lot.

JARED... Drove a lot this weekend. That's all he remembers. A. Lot. Of. Driving.

EMMA... A week and a half shy of having perfect attendance at school this year and she finally missed a day for being sick. So close! But compared to her first couple years of daycare, only missing a single day of school this year is kind of miraculous. 

JONAH... Spent 3 hours in the blow up pool on Saturday and loved every minute of it. Slept like a rock that night. Thank you, summer.



Jared: Emma, I'm really impressed with your puzzle solving skills.
Emma: You should be.

Allie: I'm really sorry I have to work, sweetheart. I'd much rather be able to play with you but I have to get this done.
Emma: I don't want to work when I get older. I just want to be rich.