Weekend Update | Vol. 23

LIFE... You know those weekends when you can't remember what you did because it felt like one big blur of whining and frustration? Yeah, that was last weekend for us. But looking at these images was a much needed reminder that even when parenting gets sucky, it's still really amazing and beautiful and that the good will always always always outweigh the bad. Like, by a landslide. 

ALLIE... Got a much needed moms night out with a dear friend on Friday. She's the one friend I've made since we moved here that I feel like I can be completely comfortable with and she's moving away at the end of the month. Boooooo.

JARED... Sanded the outdoor table we're building for approximately 6 hours. Is now very much anti-sanding.

EMMA... By this time next week she'll have graduated preschool. That's all I can say about that.

JONAH... Had his end of year performance and celebration at school last week and it was so dang cute. He's not even moving up to Primary yet and I still got all choked up. My mama heart can't handle this whole big boy business.



Emma: You never paint anything pink!!! I feel like you hate me!!!!

Jonah: I'm not "sweetie," Mama. Call me "buddy." 

Jared: Jonah, stop playing with your privates.
Jonah: But my eye itches!