Weekend Update | Vol. 24

LIFE... It was a big week for the littlest Shellaways! Emma graduated preschool on Wednesday, Thursday was the last day of school, and Saturday we went to Nationals Park for Jonah's first Phillies game and Emma's second. Sunday brought some much needed relaxation before summer camp starts on Monday. Let the Summer craziness begin!

ALLIE & JARED... Mutually, equally sore after completing the first week of our new workout program. The couple that sweats together stays together, right? Right!

EMMA... Our little graduate! Despite how grown up she looked at her graduation ceremony, I still can't believe she'll be starting Kindergarten in a couple of months. 

JONAH... Going to a baseball game in 94 degree heat smack dab in the middle of his nap time wasn't the best idea we've ever had. But he thanked us for taking him and said he had a great time. So we'll just stick with that version.



Emma (while I was performing the apparently agonizing task of painting her nails, like she asked me to): I just wanna be free, Mama. Let me be free.

Emma: Dad, you should buy me a surfboard.

Jared (during breakfast): Jonah, what are you eating?
Jonah: Chicken from my dinner.
Allie: Where did you find this chicken?
Jonah: My napkin. It's in my tummy now. You can't get it out.