Weekend Update | Vol. 25

LIFE... And just like that, our baby girl is 5. It was a great weekend celebrating our Emma, and giving Jared a great Father's Day, and we're all thoroughly exhausted. 

ALLIE... Threw a Princess Tea Party for Emma and a dozen of her girlfriends, complete with face painting, games, and personalized princess throw pillows for each girl. It was girly girl heaven. For someone who didn't want a speck of pink in her daughter's nursery, I've come a long way.

JARED... My hero for letting me do my party thing and supporting all my crazy ideas. For Father's Day he got to enjoy silence as I took the kids to swimming and then a birthday party. He also had a steak for lunch and ribs for dinner, so a pretty solid little Father's Day for my deserving hubby.

EMMA... Still on cloud 9 from her birthday. She had so much fun at her party, and her Nana made her little dreams come true when she opened her very own American Girl doll. I had no idea how Emma would react, but as soon as she realized what it was, she lept into my arms and started crying tears of joy. She was so genuinely overwhelmed with happiness. It was such a sweet moment. 

JONAH... A full face of Spiderman face paint + half a watermelon, and Jonah was a complete and utter mess by the time Emma's party was over, which meant he was also blissfully happy. 



"Emma, your mother has turned into her mother." - my Mother

Jared: That face painter was seriously awesome. I've seen some crappy face painters in my day. Did you see that one with the sunset and palm trees? I'd buy a painting of that.

Allie: Jonah, you're going to turn into a watermelon if you keep eating like that.
Jonah: Hmm... yep. I am!

Emma: Daddy, you're the best daddy in the whole world. I'm really glad Mama married you.