Weekend Update | Vol. 26

LIFE... A trip to the zoo + a lazy Sunday made for a perfect weekend. 

ALLIE... I have a list of tasks I call my "someday To Do list." As in, someday I'll get to it but not any time soon. Well miracle of all miracles, I finally crossed something off that list - making 9 pairs of shorts from 9 pairs of Emma's hole-y leggings. Gotta say, it feels pretty good to get the last laugh on those dang leggings. It's the little things, my friends.

JARED... Was so desperate for a haircut on Sunday that he let me cut it. It turned out way better than either of us expected (thanks YouTube!) and looks almost professional. That being said, I have a sneaky feeling he'll be going back to the salon next time. 

EMMA... Had a blast at the zoo and even got to ride a camel for the first time. She had a huge grin on her face the entire ride and immediately wanted to go again.

JONAH... Finally got new shirts and shoes and you'd think he won the lottery. Has also developed the most amazing maniacal laugh that I'm desperate to capture on video.



Jonah: You hush it, Cookie Monster!

Allie: Whatcha doing, sweetie?
Emma: Having a festival on the beach.
Allie: Nice. What bands are playing at the festival?
Emma: Langhorne, Sturgill, and Peter, Paul, & Mary