Weekend Update | Vol. 28

LIFE... Jared and I spent the weekend at the Red Wing Roots music festival and it was faaaaaaantastic. Seriously, best festival we've ever been to. And while we were away, the kids stayed with my mom and stepdad and had an equally awesome time. Easily the best weekend of the summer so far!

ALLIE & JARED... We hadn't had a weekend away just the two of us since our babymoon to Pickathon with Jonah back in 2013, so we were a wee bit overdue. And despite our fairly high expectations for Red Wing based on everything we'd heard, we completely blown away by how awesome the festival was. Every single aspect - the people, the bands, the food, the location, the staff - left us feeling like we couldn't have asked for more. Highlights were: South Street beer and Oak Hill cider, the Dawes performance Friday night, talking to Taylor after the show, sleeping in until 7:30 (seriously glorious for us), Drew Holcomb covering The Band, chatting with insanely nice strangers, running into Sean (aka Langhorne Slim), and the Steel Wheels closing the festival with one last chorus of Red Wing. See you in 2017, Natural Chimneys Park!

EMMA... Got to take her Lea doll to the American Girl store and of course picked up a few new things.

JONAH... Wore his Puddle Jumper vest in the pool for the first time and had a blast. He was a little uncertain at first, but once he knew he was safe he turned into a water loving maniac.



Toddler in the tent next to us after his dad stunk up their tent: It stinks!
His Dad: Just ignore it, buddy.
Kid: But I can't! It smells like pepperoni farted!!