Weekend Update | Vol. 29

LIFE... Finally - a rare summer weekend when we had absolutely nothing going on! Well, except for a birthday party. But, after two consecutive weekends away, and two consecutive weekends sleeping in a tent, to be able to spend the majority of the weekend doing whatever we want felt pretty darn glorious.  

ALLIE... 6 weeks into my new workout routine, I decided it was finally time to add the whole eating healthier portion into my life. It's not substantially depressing so far and now I get to feel really self righteous when I see other people eating like crap. Newly healthy people are kind of the worst. 

JARED... Our garden is growing like crazy right now, so Jared decided it was time to turn our surplus of veggies into some delicious pickles. SEVEN jars of them. Anyone want some pickles?

EMMA... After going to at least a gazillion birthday parties to which her little brother wasn't invited, she naturally thought it was insanely unfair that he got to go to his very first birthday party to which she wasn't invited. He's now been disinvited to her 6th birthday party, though something tells me she'll change her mind. 

JONAH... Had a blast had his friend's birthday party, bouncing all over like a maniac. He somehow still had enough energy to swim when he got home. Oh to have the energy of a toddler. 



Emma: Maybe when you're a grandma you'll frame the photos you took as a mama.

Allie: What happened, JoJo?
Jonah: I fell.
Allie: You jumped and fell on your tushy?
Jonah: Yyyyeah.
Emma: That wasn't a very good choice.
Jonah: It wasn't.