Weekend Update | Vol. 33 & 34


LIFE... Spent a week at Bethany Beach with my parents, sister, and her family, and while "vacation" is really just parenting in an unfamiliar place, we all had a great time. Best memory was letting the kids stay up late and heading to the boardwalk after dinner. We saw a gorgeous pink moonrise, got cold treats, and spotted Mars and Saturn on our walk home. It was the kind of night you want to hold on to forever as parents.

ALLIE... Drank rosè, read a book for pleasure, became one of those people who works out on vacation (ew), got my Kohr Brothers fix, and applied sunscreen to small children 8,376 times.

JARED... Drove. A lot. Got Mirror Pond thanks to my sister, cooked killer lasagna for the fam, read a book for pleasure, watched lots of track & field, rescued our beach gear in the middle of a thunderstorm. All around hero dad stuff.

EMMA... Danced through the waves, built sand castle masterpieces, managed to drop an ice cream cone, shave ice, and snow cone on 3 consecutive days, and probably still has sand in her hair.

JONAH... Loved having a bigger audience to ham it up with, wasn't crazy about the ocean, became completely obsessed with his cousin's Magna-Tiles, and will now be getting copious amounts of Magna-Tiles for his birthday. Shhh, don't tell.



Jared: It's not a stereotype if it's something good.

Jared: Ugh, I'm so sick of seeing her stupid grin. I mean, who's that happy singing about insurance? Come on.

Emma: This is how you can make me feel better. You can give me a video. That will make me happy.
Allie: I'm sorry sweetie. Would you like some snack?
Emma: Yesssss.
Allie: Okay, we have applesauce, fruit-
Emma: I don't want a snack, I want a video!!!

Jared: You can't have a dreamcatcher on your rear view mirror and not let me in. I'm not going to allow that.

Jared: I would never want to be the only person in a butcher shop in the middle of nowhere.

Jared: Let's not unpack. We can just leave everything in the car and buy them new clothes.