Weekend Update | Vol. 35

LIFE... We celebrated the first week back at school with a little end of summer neighborhood block party on Saturday. The kids had a blast and we were reminded, once again, how awesome our little slice of suburbia is. 

ALLIE... This transition to Kindergarten is kicking my butt. Ordered 3 parenting books once I realized that everything that's worked in the past is no longer working. Send wine.

JARED... The end of summer means football is starting. Jared is happy.

EMMA... So proud of this kid for kicking butt during her first week of Kindergarten. She's riding the bus, making new friends, and learning the ins and outs of her new classroom and school. Home time is a slightly different story - lots and lots of big feelings. For example, she threw her fork across the kitchen so I took away the piece of cake she was eating. She cried for 2 hours, repeatedly opened the trash to say goodbye to her cake, and drew the cake a picture that said "I love you to the moon forever." She may or may not have called the cake her "precious." Send wine.

JONAH... Big man on campus! Well, one of the older kids in Pre-Primary and flying solo without his big sis at school this year. Also, an astoundingly impressive blackberry picker. We figured he'd pick all the red ones but he honed in on the ripe ones and ended up with the best berries of the bunch. The kid doesn't mess around when it comes to food!



Jared: If Emma Stone is 27 that means I'm like REALLY old.

Allie: There sure is a lot of smooching going on. What is this show??
Jared: Let's see... Masters of Sex.
Allie: That would explain it.

Allie: Did you get something to eat, buddy?
Jonah: Yep.
Allie: What'd you have?
Jonah: Everything.