Weekend Update | Vol. 36

LIFE... It's taken me 10 years, but I FINALLY got Jared to a Renaissance Festival. And I'm happy to say he enjoyed it much more than he thought he would. The kids loved it, of course, because Ren Fests are fantastic and anyone who says otherwise either hasn't been, or takes life way too seriously. Steak on a stake, my friends. Steak. On. A. Stake. 

ALLIE... I finally had cheesecake on a stick, and now all is right with the world.

JARED... Perfected his caprese salad, and I for one am very very thankful. It's all about that balsamic reduction. Mmm, mmm, mmm,

EMMA... The 3-day weekend was just what she needed and we're seeing lots of positive progress on the meltdown front. We're not expecting perfection, but a little less crazy goes a long way.

JONAH... In a pretty awesome phase right now, and we're trying to appreciate every single second of it.



Emma: We're lost!
Allie: We're not lost.
Emma: But how will we ever get back to our sweet home sweet?

Allie: Jonah, were you chewing on your shoe?
Jonah: No.
Allie: Then why is it wet?
Jonah: I chewed it.