Weekend Update | Vol. 39

LIFE... It was a jam packed weekend that kicked off with a night at the Great Frederick fair with Jared's parents, middled with Zachary's 5th birthday party, and ended with a morning hike and some afternoon football. All in all, a great weekend!

ALLIE... Happy to say I practiced a tremendous amount of restraint mingling among people at the fair who were overtly proud to not share my political beliefs.

JARED... 100% on board the Wentz train.

EMMA... Still not a fan of roller coasters, but was surprisingly fantastic at dart throwing. Maybe in another 10 years we'll let her try the dart board in the basement.

JONAH... Decided to start pronouncing "Mary Puffins" and "Chick-uh-lay" correctly this week. We're all devastated.



(Post small boat ride at the fair)
Great job getting over your fear! You seemed uncertain about it at first, but towards the end it looked like you were having fun.
Emma: I just pretended I was happy about it.

Jared (to Allie): If you just wanted to lay in bed and relax we shouldn't have had children.

Jared: Highway to the breakfast zone!
Allie: ...

Jonah (cheering for the Eagles): Get that hootball! Get it right now!