Weekend Update | Vol. 40

LIFE... And just like that, our little guy is THREE! We had a great weekend celebrating our sweet Jo and feel very blessed to have so much family nearby to share these big milestones with.

ALLIE... May have gone a wee bit overboard on the party decor and food considering Jo's party was a small, family get together - but I feel zero guilt about it. AND, I broke my own record for having the playroom reorganized after an influx of new birthday toys. Clutter = 0*, Allie = 378,249 (*score most definitely excludes rooms not frequented by house guests).

JARED... Went to his first Redskins game on Sunday, wore an Eagles t-shirt, and didn't get into a fight. Win!

EMMA... Thinks everyone should get gifts when it's someone else's birthday. I explained that's basically what Christmas is. She did not care for that explanation. Note to self: work on clarifying what "fair' means with 5 year old. 

JONAH... From his school birthday walk, to dinner at Chick-fil-a (his choice), to his party on Saturday, the kid is still on cloud 9 from all the birthday festivities. He did have his first accidental balloon fly away experience on Saturday... he took it pretty hard. 



Allie: Did you save room for cake, buddy?
Jonah: Yep! In my armpit!

Jared: Like how come he doesn't look swarthy? He and I have the same effing facial hair pattern. What, he can pull it off because he can play guitar? I can grow the hell out of a mustache, I'll tell you that much. You know I could. You know it.

Allie: Okay, let's take our deep breaths... breathe love in... and now breathe love out...
Emma: But Mama... whenever I take my deep breaths I just breathe snot in and breathe snot out.