Weekend Update | Vol. 41 & 42

We pretty much did the same thing two weekends in a row, so instead of getting two separate pumpkin patch posts, I've combined them into one super duper pumpkin spice flavored post. (Aaaaand I desperately need to catch up on this project.)

LIFE... Fall is in full swing in the Shellaway household, and what better way to celebrate than spending two weekends in a row at various local pumpkin patches? Apple cider donuts make everything better.

ALLIE... Being a Girl Scout Daisy leader is way WAY more work than I anticipated. And we haven't even had our first meeting yet! Mama just wanted some Thin Mints. 

JARED... The one Sunday I take the kids so he can watch the game solo and the Eagles blow it. Clearly the kids are good luck and they should watch with him every weekend while I'm off doing super fun non-football stuff.

EMMA... Used to be terrified of the zipline, but this year she walked right up to it, hopped on, and zipped down the line with a HUGE smile on her face. Bravery baby steps, but it's progress!

JONAH... Was very disappointed to discover that the giant pumpkin he found didn't meet my "only as big as you can carry" rule. Next year, little buddy.



Emma: Even a little person can do big things.

Emma: You know when it comes to bouncy housing I get a red ash on my back.

Jared: I went to high school with a girl named Adriana.
Jonah: Me, too.

Jonah: Do you like hot tea?
Allie: I do.
Emma: How do you know about hot tea, Jonah?
Jonah: I drink so much hot tea. It's like apple juice.
Emma: Then you'll really like apple cider donuts. We can get them from the farm today.
Jonah: Yeah! And honey mustard!