Weekend Update | Vol. 43

LIFE... Ballet, birthdays, and bubbles made for a fun-filled weekend.

ALLIE... Super cleaned out the garage and we can now park BOTH cars in our technically-but-tight two car garage. Every time I open the door to the garage and see both cars in there I get all kinds of giddy. 

JARED... Now gets to park his car in the garage thanks to his awesome wife, who may or may not remind him of this every rainy/freezing/crappy morning for the foreseeable future.

EMMA... After months of her asking us, we finally enrolled her in ballet. She has the cutest little uniform, gets to run on her tippy toes, has a british teacher, and is quite the happy ballerina. 

JONAH... After having hand-me-down socks his entire life, I finally bought him his very own big boy socks. He's so over the moon about them, he even wears them to bed. Who knew!



Jared: I feel like a half hour with Scott Avett and Charlie Rose would be UNBEARABLE.

Allie: What if Dwight Yoakam and Ron Howard's brother have been the same person all along??

Allie: What about this... a lightweight crewneck sweater?
Jared: Now we're talking. Can you order me some pecs like that, too?

Jared: I love the hats. And if that means the rest of it's gotta change, I'm fine with that.

Jared: We still root for the Eagles, even if they lose.
Emma: Like against the Lions.
Jared: Yeah.
Jonah: And the Redskins.
Jared: Thanks for rubbing it in, buddy.