Weekend Update | Vol. 44

LIFE... Hiking in Harper's Ferry + and a thoroughly exhausting, candy-filled Halloween = perfect Fall weekend.

ALLIE...  Survived Emma's first filling. Barely.

JARED... Will be taking Emma to her next filling appointment. 

EMMA... For a girl who had next to no interest in riding a bike for pretty much her entire life, she's finally discovered how much fun it can be. So much so that she asked us to take her training wheels off. Bike riding is once again zero fun for all involved, but we're pleasantly surprised with how determined and motivated she is to figure this out.  

JONAH... Was a little shy and overwhelmed by all the Halloween festivities, but got the hang of trick-or-treating as the night went on. We kept reminding him to say "trick-or-treat!" and "thank you!", so he'd shyly walk up to the door, wait til he got candy, and then say "trick-or-treat-thank-you!" Close enough.



Jared: How about you guys make breakfast this morning?
Emma: But we only know how to make fruit and ketchup!
Jared: Then we'll take 2 fruit and ketchups please.

Allie: You can't be biting your nails already, m'love.
Jared: But I've been waiting all day for Sunday night!
Allie: ...