Weekend Update | Vol. 45

LIFE... Took our family photos during late afternoon the Sunday of Daylight Savings and lived to tell about it. As usual, we all melted down a bit trying to get out the door, as Emma rebelled against having her clothing selection made without her input, and Jonah decided the boots he loved a week ago were now horrible and insisted we bring shoes for him to change into afterward. Ahh, children.

ALLIE...  Met up with a dear friend that I hadn't seen in 16 years, and not only reunited with her and her family, but got to meet and photograph her brand new baby girl. Very very very full heart.

JARED... Entirely too pessimistic about the election and will be proven wrong on Tuesday. (Also did not get a say in what I wrote for him this week.) 

EMMA... Apparently told my mom on Sunday that if Trump wins we have two choices: 1) we move to another country, but everyone in our family has to move too so we can all be together, or 2) we stay and work to make things better. This proves two things to me: 1) my daughter is astoundingly brilliant, and 2) she DOES actually listen to me. (Occasionally.)

JONAH... Been on a building tear lately, with both Legos and Magnatiles. We'll see him pull them out and turn around 5 minutes later and he's already constructed some elaborate monstrosity. Now if only we could get our little builders to work on something together without it turning into WWIII... a mom can dream.



Jared: I love you, bud.
Jonah: You're welcome.

Jonah: My socks are getting boring.

Emma: Oh flarmpit! He's up to my armpit!

Emma: Why does my nail taste like cotton candy?

Jonah: Who's singing this song?
Allie: Elsa from Frozen.
Jonah: This girl can sing.