Weekend Update | Vol. 46

LIFE... Safe to say my birthday week didn't quite go as planned this year. I was in pretty rough shape most of the week, but managed to pick myself up a bit once the weekend rolled around. I went to a peace vigil in front of the White House on Saturday night with some friends, which was wonderful and cathartic. Then Sunday, Jared did his best to help me forget about the demise of our country as I rung in my 35th birthday. 

ALLIE...  Got my nails done for the first time since the week before Jonah was born. He's 3.

JARED... Hero husband performance for my birthday. The cards were stacked against him, but it ended up being a really nice day thanks to him. AND, after just having dinner with friends in which I said how Jared knows better than to buy me clothes, he bought me a dress from Anthro that I actually love and fits perfectly. He's a keeper, I tell ya.

EMMA... Did her usual lamenting on my birthday that it should be everyone's birthday every day and that life isn't fair. I tried to tell her that being a little kid with zero responsibilities IS like having a birthday every day, but she wasn't buying it.

JONAH... Never met a kid who loves M&Ms as much as Jonah. He calls them M&Emmas, and has eating every single pack of every variety he and Emma got for Halloween. I haven't told him about holiday M&Ms yet, but I think he's going to be a wee bit excited.



Emma: Maybe *I* should run for President.
Allie: You absolutely should.