Weekend Update | Vol. 48

(Not a typo - I completely, purposely skipped Weekend 47. Jared and I went away for the weekend and I didn't take a single big camera pic. Because November. Because 2016. We're almost there guys...)

LIFE... Thanksgiving! Oh how I love Thanksgiving. We hosted this year, which was a great idea until I realized it meant we had to clean our mess of a house in addition to doing all the cooking. My mother must never find out how my house looks when she's not here. Never!

ALLIE...  I swore to myself that we'd refinish the dining room table before Thanksgiving this year, and got it done just in the nick of time. I went with a lighter stain this time around (Early American, my current fave) and I'm obsessed. Not only is it fork-mark-free, it looks like a brand new table. 

JARED... Mastered the turkey, mastered the mashed potatoes. Easily our best T-day dinner yet. 

EMMA... My mom, sister and I took Emma to the Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center, and she looooved it. She had never been to the theater before, not even a movie theater, and she was mesmerized by the whole experience. The look on her face as she watched the dancers is one I hope I never forget.

JONAH... All he wanted for Thanksgiving dinner was pie. And when he finally got pie for dessert, it turned out all he wanted was the whipped cream. Because, of course.



Jonah: Hush up, Christmas!

Emma (who apparently likes her bacon on the fatty side): I want the wiggly part! You know, the white part that wiggles!

Jared: Jonah, did you take your bandaid off?
Jonah: Rudolph did it. Bad Rudolph!

Emma: So Christmas is Jesus' birthday, and Halloween is his wife's birthday, right?