word game wedding programs

The moment I saw these DIY programs at Della Stella, I knew I wanted to replicate them for our wedding.  I loved the idea of giving guests something to do while they wait for the ceremony to start, and my inner word nerd got a little geeked out at the idea of our own personalized word games.  Jared created all three games – a crossword, word search, and a fill-in-the-blank – and I used Illustrator to design the 3 versions of the program:

We got the programs printed at Kinkos on Letter sized cardstock, then folded them in half so that the final size was A9.  I was in the midst of Weekender Bag insanity, but Jared was a huge help and did ALL of the assembly for the programs, including drilling holes in all the pencils and craft sticks.  We followed all the assembly steps on Della Stella’s tutorial and couldn’t be happier with how the programs turned out.

The resort staff placed the programs on our guests’ chairs before the ceremony, which we felt would be easier than setting up a separate table or having our poor ushers deal with keeping all the pencils untangled.  The feedback from our guests was great!  Thanks so much to Della Stella and her brilliant tutorial!!

(In other exciting wedding news, my and Jared's wedding was the featured Real Wedding on Perfect Wedding Guide today!  Check it out here.)

***UPDATE!*** My wedding program word games are now available for download.  Click on the link below to start downloading the set of 3 templates.  (Note: You'll need to have Adobe Illustrator to open and use the files.)

***NEW UPDATE*** The download link seems to be hit or miss for people. If you have trouble just post your request in the comments and I'll email you the files.


A few things to know about the templates:

  • The front of my programs aren't included in the templates because they were created using stock vectors that I purchased from iStockPhoto.com.
  • The answer to the word jumble is Thank You.
  • The crossword puzzle is a grid, so if you need to "move" any words, just color or uncolor the cells.

Thanks so much for all the compliments!  Let me know if you end up using the templates for your programs.  I'd love to see them!!