{Branding} Heather Meyer Photography

We've all found ourselves in this position - we don't quite know exactly what we want, we'll just know it when we see it. That's where my friend Heather of Heather Meyer Photography had been with her branding for the past couple years. She'd tried out a few pre-made logos but was never 100% happy with them, so when she was getting ready to launch her business she knew it was time for something custom made just for her. She wanted her branding to feel whimsical, emotional, and intimate, and what we came up with - well, I'm kind of obsessed with it... HeatherMeyer_BrandSheet_090813

Thanks for trusting me with your branding, Heather! You were awesome to work with and I can't wait to see your business take off!

Recent Branding Work

Sorry it's taken me so long to share these with you! Life has been busy, busy, busy, but I'm thrilled to finally show you three new brands I've developed over the past few months. My design clients are nothing short of awesome and each one brings an exciting new challenge... First up is the super talented Emily Blackmore out Edmonton, Alberta. Emily came to me for help with the branding for the boudoir side of her photography business, Muse Boudoir. I absolutely love her take on boudoir - natural, feminine, and incredibly tasteful... it feels like it's as much for the women as it is for their husbands. Her goal for her brand was to create something that reflects that style, but also adds a little glamour and luxury. I love what we came up with...


Next up was Allison of Allison Fay Photography, based in Memphis, TN. Allison and I know each other through Clickin Moms and I was thrilled when she asked me to help her with her branding because I love her work. I was even more thrilled when I saw her Pinterest inspiration board because her design style was right up my alley. She wanted her brand to be preppy with a slight vintage industrial feel. There were so many little touches that made this branding feel unique and personal - particularly the custom silhouette of her sweet dog, Phoebe.


And last, but certainly not least, is the branding I did for my dear friend, Renee, of Life by Renee Photography, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Renee wanted her branding to be a reflection of herself - bright, fun, and cheeky. She made my job super easy and it was probably the fastest branding has ever come together for a client. It all just worked, and I love love love what we ended up with...


Lots more design work to share with you this fall, including maybe my favorite logo to date and my very first custom ProPhoto site. So excited to be able to start offering that for my clients! Stay tuned...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emma!

Emmas2ndbirthdayOur sweet Emma is TWO! I can hardly believe it. I'm way more emotional than I thought I'd be about all this, and I have a ton of sappy mama stuff I want to say to her, but I'll save all that for this month's letter post in a couple of days. For now I'll just leave you with this look back... Emmasbdaytimeline

Lucky me. :)


You may remember me mentioning that one of my goals for 2013 was to rebrand Made by Bird. Well, as you can see, I can cross that goal off my list! And I'm so thrilled with the result. It feels like me, but grown up. (Which, considering I'm 31, a wife, and a mom, I guess I kind of am.) The feather is a nod to my lifelong nickname, Bird, and the font is just the right combination of pretty and whimsical. (Check out more of the design elements below.) I really struggled with whether or not to keep the name "Made by Bird"... it's been my blog name for nearly 4 years! But with all my photography and design stuff being associated with my actual name, and my keen opposition to having two separate websites, I felt it was time to switch everything over to simply "Allie Shellaway." But don't worry, I'll still be posting about all the same stuff. The mood and tone of the blog won't change. (Note that I will be changing to URL over to madebybird.com next week... it's a whole other ball of wax and I just haven't had time to tackle it yet.)

So, I really hope you guys like the redesign. I have a few more tweaks I need to make to the blog - like a proper footer with a search bar. I upgraded to Thesis 2.0 (from 1.8) for the redesign and I'm still figuring out my way around. Fun fact, everything I know about web design I've learned on the fly. It's a little chaotic but it gets the job done.

Thanks for your continued support over the years (I think this is my 3rd or so redesign of the site, but certainly the biggest change so far.) There'd be no point to any of this without you. Seriously.



nursery progress: the design plan

Before we found out the baby's gender, I thought I had my mind pretty made up about the direction I wanted to go in for the nursery if it was a girl. (I didn't really have a clue for the boy, so from a design perspective it was rather convenient that the baby turned out to be a girl.) I never ever thought I'd be a pink nursery kind of person, but when I saw this color palette I was a convert. It was the right combination of feminine, fun, pretty, and vintage. I just had to sell Jared on the idea. So I created two mood boards: one with the pink palette and one with a cute yellow/aqua palette I'd seen on one of the baby design blogs I subscribe to. The plan was to make the pink palette so good that he just had to go for it, and make the yellow/aqua palette just so-so. Hey, I never said I was going to be totally objective about this process. :-) Here's the pink mood board I came up with:

Here's the thing. I liked it, but didn't love it. I had a much harder time than I thought I would finding the right fabrics and accessories, and I'm still not 100% thrilled with what I ended up with. It's cute and girly, but it just didn't come together as well as I had hoped.

So then I moved on to creating the yellow/aqua mood board:

And you know what? I completely fell in love with this room. Creating this mood board was fun, unlike the stress I felt trying to create the pink one. It was so easy to find great fabrics, art, and accessories to bring the room to life - which gave me hope that actually shopping for all that stuff would be a breeze. And I really liked the feel of it once it was all done - it's so sweet and cheerful - girly without being too obvious about it.

So I sent the mood boards to Jared for his thoughts, not telling him which one I liked better. He genuinely liked them both, but said there was something about the yellow/aqua room that sold it for him. Phew!

Now that the design was done I went back to the budget worksheet I'd put together to see if we could really have the nursery of our (okay, my) dreams on a $1500 budget. Thankfully, with a good amount of DIYing and a bit of repurposing, it's actually possible. Here's the plan:

To buy:

  • Crib
  • Mattress
  • Dresser
  • Rug
  • Light
  • Sheers
  • Cornice kit
  • Hardware (the Anthro hardware is a bit of a splurge, but it's one of those elements that really makes the room for me)
  • Bookshelves
  • 3 Frames
  • Hot air balloon print
  • Slide out bins for the closet floor

To DIY/sew:

  • Painting the walls, ceiling, trim, Poang, bookshelves, and built-ins
  • Fabric covered 7" cornice for the window
  • 2 changing pad covers
  • Crib/play quilt (Amy Butler pattern from Little Stitches for Little Ones)
  • Gum Drop Ottoman
  • Padded arm rests for the Poang
  • Toss pillow for the Poang
  • Paper circles mobile
  • 2 DIY art prints

So yeah, kinda a lot in the DIY column. I'm desperately going to try to get at least the quilt and ottoman done before the end of my 2nd trimester. The other DIY projects are on the easier side and I can enlist help for those if need be.

We've already gotten the first step of the nursery makeover done - bringing in an electrician to install a light switch for the overhead light (fumbling to find that little chain the middle of the night just wasn't going to happen, plus we feel like having a switch that dims is going to come in very handy) and adding another outlet to the wall where the window is. (For the record, the electrical work was not included in the $1500 budget because we felt like it was something the room needed regardless of what we used it for.)

The next step is paint! Luckily, Jared's "never painting another room in this house ever again" vow is no match for the love he has for his pregnant wife and beautiful unborn daughter, so we'll be tackling the painting together. I'll try to post pics of our progress along the way, so stay tuned...